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70 years of excellence in Australian nuclear science

1 May 2023 10:53 AM | Anonymous

Adapted from the Office for the Hon Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science.

Seventy years ago, Australia’s first nuclear science research facility opened at Lucas Heights.

It was a landmark moment for our scientific community and the Australian public.

Since 18 April 1953, Lucas Heights has hosted some of the most sophisticated public research work ever conducted on our shores.

It has made possible life-changing advances in the diagnoses and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

It has helped our scientists confront environmental challenges and support industry and advanced manufacturing, including when it used its own technology to find a missing radioactive capsule in mid-west Western Australia a few months ago.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s (ANSTO) stewardship has led it to become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected scientific research bodies.

“ANSTO and its nuclear facilities have made an incredible contribution to Australian life,” says Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science.

“It’s estimated every Australian will have an average of two procedures using nuclear medicine throughout their lives.

“In particular, countless cancer patients have had their lives extended with radiotherapy treatments made available through ANSTO.

“For seven decades our publicly funded nuclear research has also supported our industrial growth and helped confront environmental challenges.”

Read more on the ANSTO website.
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