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zOOm into Physics

What is "zOOm into Physics"?

We put the cat among the pigeons - or, to be more precise, put the philosopher amongst the physicists - to stimulate a fun and thoughtful discussion on a different physics topic each month... and you are invited - to listen or, even to participate: with your thoughts or questions for our amazing panel.

zOOm into Physics is a monthly lightly moderated Zoom conversation with our resident panel and special guests. 

The session is 100% online and open to AIP members and the general public. Although there will sometimes be a little Physics, we aim to provide a thought-provoking, light-hearted and illuminating event suitable for the interested general public. (You DEFINITELY don't need to worry about it all going over your head!).

Participants are encouraged to join in the discussion - with their experience, their questions, or even to offer a contrary view! Participation can be via unmuting yourself and speaking or typing in the chat. The best way to get a sense of what it's about is to click on one of the recordings below.

Introducing the Panel

Our resident panel, also know as "The OK zOOmers" are accomplished speakers who love a good chat about science!

The Philosopher: Tibor Molnar More about Tibor

The Experimentalist: Kirrily Rule More about Kirrily

The Theoretician: Geraint Lewis More about Geraint

The Moderator: Scott Martin More about Scott

Tibor Molnar

Dr Kirrily Rule

Prof Geraint Lewis

Our Next zOOm into Physics

Date: 27th October2021

Time:  8:00pm to 9:30pm AEST

Where: Zoom meeting link or Zoom Meeting ID: 650 897 2112 Passcode: 101010

Topic: Where Physics Ends and Metaphysics Begins

Is there any phenomena to which scientific method should not or could not be applied? How far can we stray from or challenge accepted theories before it becomes non scientific and out of scope? Does the process of panel selection of research funding constrain our collective research to incremental exploration conducted by people with existing track records?

What areas of inquiry currently outside the realm defined as physics warrant genuine research investigation?

We're going to talk about where physics ends and where metaphysics begins!

zOOm into the Past

Number  Date  Topic  Information
 727/10/2021 8pm AEDTWhere Physics Ends and Metaphysics Begins Click to join Zoom meeting
 6 29/9/2021 The Dark Side Strikes BackYouTube video
 5  25/8/2021  The Dark Side of the Universe YouTube video 
 4  14/7/2021 The Future of Power Pt2   YouTube video
 3  23/6/2021 The Future of Power Pt1   YouTube video
 2  26/5/2021  All Things Lunar  YouTube video
 1  28/04/2021  Physics in Sci-Fi  YouTube video

Contact Details

zOOm into Physics is organised by Scott Martin - happy to consider recommendations for future topics (you could be a special guest!)

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