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The Group for Astroparticle Physics (GAP)

Welcome to the the Group for Astroparticle Physics (GAP) of the AIP and the ASA (Astronomical Society of Australia). The GAP is the first group jointly run under the auspices of the AIP and the ASA.

About GAP

Closing the ‘gap’ between astronomy and particle physics, a key aim of the GAP is to bring together these two communities to advance the field of astroparticle physics. Further information about the GAP can be found in the  GAP Charter.

Joining GAP

To join this group, please sign up here:

Or click The Group for Astroparticle Physics (GAP) under Topical Groups in your membership profile

Sending Emails to the GAP Membership

GAP 2023 Steering Committee

  • Co-Chair (AIP): Celine Boehm (until 2024)
  • Co-Chair (ASA): Mark Krumholz (until 2025)
  • Hayley Bignall (treasurer - until 2025)
  • Roland Crocker (ordinary member - until 2024)
  • Martin White (ordinary member - until 2025)
  • Krzysztof Bolejko (ordinary member - until 2025)
  • Nicole Bell (AIP representative)
  • Marc Duldig (ASA representative)
  • Smrithi Gireesh Babu (student member - until 2024)
  • Matt Roth (student member - until 2024)
  • Gavin Rowell (secretary & past-chair AIP - until 2024) -
  • Alex Heger (past-chair ASA - until 2025)
Formation Committee
  • Chair: Gavin Rowell
  • Hayley Bignall
  • Marc Duldig
  • Clancy James
  • Yvonne Wong

Please note that only ASA and/or AIP members may nominate for Steering Committee positions each year, and vote in their election.

Past GAP Steering Committees:

2022 - Co-AIP Chair: Celine Boehm, Co-ASA Chair: Alexander Heger, Hayley Bignall (treasurer), Roland Crocker (ordinary member), Clancy James (ordinary member), Nicole Bell (AIP representative), Marc Duldig (ASA representative), Peter Marinos (student member), Matt Roth (student member), Gavin Rowell (secretary & past-chair)

News and Upcoming Events

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