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AIP Federal Executive

List of AIP Executive members since its formation.

The current executive committee at the Annual General Meeting

From left to right – Stephen Collins, Stephan Rachel, Judith Pollard, Michael Schmidt, Kirrily Rule, Nicole Bell, Gerd Schröder-Turk, Tim van der Laan, Stu Midgley, Dongchen Qi.

People who assist the AIP Executive

  • 1 Mar 2023 2:29 PM | Anonymous

    We are grateful for every one of our volunteers. They give their time, energy and effort to better the AIP, and without them we wouldn’t exist!

    The AIP welcomes our new 2023 Committee Members for the AIP Executive, the Branches and the Topical Groups. The new members are:


    • President:  Nicole Bell
    • Vice President: Stu Midgley 
    • Honorary Treasurer: Dongchen Qi
    • Special Project Officer Finance: Judith Pollard


    ACT Committee:

    • Secretary: Taiki Tanaka

    QLD Committee:

    • Chair: Hayden Petrick
    • Treasurer: Diego Bernal Garcia

    SA Committee:

    • Chair: Stephen Warren-Smith
    • Vice Chair: Darryl Jones
    • Secretary: Chris Perrella

    VIC Committee:

    • Chair:  Andrew Martin,
    • Vice Chair:  Valentina Baccetti
    • Secretary:  Elizabeth Hinde
    • Treasurer:  David Simpson

    WA Committee:

    • Chair: Jingbo Wang
    • Vice Chair: Kyran Williamson
    • Secretary: Stuart Midgley

    TAS Committee:

    • No new members. Thank you to our continuing members!

    NSW Committee:

    • No new members. Thank you to our continuing members!


    Atomic and Molecular Physics Group:

    • Chair: Julian Berengut

    Physics Education Group:

    • Chair: Jacinta den Besten

    Volunteering is a great way to stay active, expand your network, build new skills, and contribute to the physics community.

    Would you like to volunteer with us? We offer training and support in a variety of roles on committees, all things event management, and in day-to-day organisational operations.

    Email to register your interest in volunteering with us.


  • 23 Aug 2022 7:30 AM | Deleted user

    The AIP 2022 National Executive has nominated the following candidates:

    Nicole Bell (as President)

    Stu Midgley (as Vice President)

    Kirrily Rule (as Honorary Secretary)

    Stephen Collins (as Honorary Registrar)

    Dongchen Qi (as  Honorary Treasurer)

    Joanna Turner (as Awards Officer)

    The new Council members will take office at he Annual General Meeting of the AIP in February 2023.

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