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The AIP inaugurated an award for Outstanding Service to Physics in Australia in 1996.

The award recognises exceptional contributions to advance the aims of the AIP.

The Award consists of a plaque and a certificate.

Eligibility requirements

  • Membership of the AIP.
  • Nomination by three members of the AIP.
  • If successful, the nominee will be invited to write an article related to the activity for which the award was presented that will be published in Australian Physics.

Nomination Process

Completion of the AIP Award for Outstanding Service to Physics nomination form. This nomination form requires the nominator to provide:

  • a one sentence citation capturing the nature of the work, as well as a longer citation (no more than 300 words) that briefly summarises the nominee’s contribution in relation to the award application. This is to be written for a scientifically literate lay person. This will be used for promotion/certificates if the nominee is successful;
  • 1-2 page description of the outstanding service record of the nominee.

Assessment Criteria

    Where appropriate the assessment will consider:

    • the excellence of the record of service with reference to the aims of the AIP and the impact on advancing the cause of physics;
    • the scope and impact of activities representing and promoting physics to government and other legislative or policy-making bodies;
    • the impact of activities including organising meetings and conferences on research and professional topics;
    • the impact of activities promoting and supporting physics teaching and education in schools, colleges and universities;
    • the outcomes of activities encouraging investment in government and industrial research;
    • the development of professional standards and qualifications in physics;
    • the outcome of initiatives for identifying and supporting the needs of physicists in all sectors of employment;
    • other distinguished contributions to physics.

    Further Information

    Nominations Close: There is no formal closing date for this award. 

    Submissions should be sent by email to:

    There will be no more than one award in any one year.

    Previous Winners

    • 2024 Dr. Judith M Pollard (for outstanding work as the Australian Institute of Physics Honorary Treasurer and for services to Australian physics over many years)  

    • 2021 Dr. Marc L Duldig (for tireless service to the Australian Institute of Physics and the wider Physics community)

    • 2021 Prof. Bruce HJ McKellar(for Service and Leadership in the Australian and International Physics community)

    • 2019 Prof. Ken GH Baldwin (for outstanding service to physics in Australia, including supporting the groups that became Science and Technology Australia, and for his original vision in establishing Science Meets Parliament)
    • 2017 Prof. Brian W James (for service with distinction to the AIP over many years, including leadership, input into the K-10 Science and Senior Physics curriculums, and most notably Editor of Australian Physics)
    • 2016 Dr. Cathy P Foley (for outstanding service to the discipline of Physics over many years, including leadership, outreach and research)
    • 2013 Prof. David N Jamieson (for outstanding service to the Discipline of Physics over many years, including contributions to outreach, physics education, research and leadership, particularly in the Einstein Year of Physics and development of the Decadal Plan for Physics)
    • 2008 Prof. Hans (H-A) Bachor
    • 2007 Prof. John (DJ) O’Connor (for the development of the Science and Engineering Challenge and services to the AIP and FASTS)
    • 2007 Prof. Colin Kaye (for his contributions as editor for all versions of the publication of the AIP for many years)
    • 2003 Ms. Moira J Welch (for her outstanding service to the AIP, including her role as NSW Branch Chair and AIP Honorary Secretary)
    • 2003 Prof. John R Prescott (for many years of service, particularly in employment surveys and physics job advertisements)
    • 2002 Mr. Dan O’Keeffe, Camberwell Grammar school ( for work on Physics education, at the national level, especially the Switched on to Physics program)
    • 2001 Professor Mike M Gore, ANU (for development of the Questacon Interactive Science Centre, now the National Science Centre in Canberra)
    • 1996 Professor Rod L Jory, ANU (among many other achievements, Prof Jory has organised the Australian Physics Olympiads teams)

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