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AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - University of Queensland

  • 30 Sep 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (AEST)
  • Parnell Building, Room 7-222, University of Queensland, St Lucia

Only in the mid-20th century was it confirmed that impact craters are formed by meteorite strikes. Since then many space missions have mapped planetary surfaces and provided data about impact craters. Impacts have played a key role in the evolution of rocky planetary surfaces. Katarina will outline her work on physics behind the impact process. She will advance our understanding of the structure and evolution of the Solar System by using data from NASA's space missions she collaborates with.

This is part of UQ's Physics colloquium program and is thus geared towards those with a background in physics

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