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Invitation to participate: Girls in Physics Breakfasts program

30 Jun 2023 10:10 AM | Anonymous

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network, an AIP affiliate, offers a Girls in Physics Breakfasts program across Victoria each year.

The breakfasts program is for students in Years 10 to 12. They share a table with two to three women who either have a career in physics or engineering, or who are at university studying in either of these areas. 

Over breakfast, the students ask the women questions about what they do, how did they find their job, what is studying at university like, etc.  This is followed by a speaker who talks about her research and her career. 

After a Q&A, there are a few careers-based activities which are of value to students and guests alike to finish the event.

The breakfasts run from 7:30am until 10:00am.  The breakfasts are free to guests.

The breakfasts program started in 2016.  Already this year, there have been two Breakfasts, one in central Melbourne and one in Mildura.

The remaining breakfasts for 2023 are listed below.


Vicphysics is always seeking more women to attend a breakfast.  The more women who attend, the more school bookings we can take.  If you would like to come to one of the breakfasts below, please register at:  

21 July, Monash University

Speaker: Dr Karen Livesey, AIP Women in Physics Lecturer for 2023.  

Topic: Nanomagnets: New materials to address biomedical and technological problems.

2 August, Geelong

Speaker: A/Prof Elizabeth Hinde, Melbourne University.

Topic: Glow in the dark – Using fluorescence to observe DNA in a living cell.

11 August, Wodonga

Speaker: Emma Dyce, Medical radiation physicist,

Topic: Treating skin cancer with radiotherapy

16 August, Traralgon

Speaker: Prof Rachel Webster, Melbourne University.

Topic: Geothermal: vast energy reserves beneath our feet

25th August, Ballarat

Speaker: Dr Taissa Danilovich, Monash University.

Topic: Molecules in space. 

1 September, Bendigo 

Speaker: Dr Amanda Karakas, Monash University.

Topic: Stars as chemical element factories.

I was talking to a guest at my table and her career sounded amazing, that I realised that in 8 years that could me; I got so excited.’ – Student attending a breakfast.

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