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Public Lecture: From Schrodinger's cat to quantum computers - Zoom Details below

14 Aug 2023 11:49 AM | Anonymous

15 Aug, 6:30PM, Lecture Theatre 1, UTAS Physics Building, Sandy Bay Tasmania

Quantum Mechanics is probably the best theory we have in all history of Science – with implications an applications everywhere around us: from the explantation of the atomic structure to  silicone based technologies.

In spite of its tantalising success, quantum mechanics  (QM) still spurs a lively debate about its interpretation: What does  QM really mean in nature?

In this lecture, nuclear physicist Dr Catalia Curceanu will explore the famous Schrodinger's Cat paradox – one of  the puzzles of QM.   

We'll explore  the possible ways out: a new alternative theory (collapse models), the existence of many worlds and the Bohemian mechanics. 

We'll also discuss the future of quantum technologies: from quantum computing and cryptography to teleportation. 

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Topic: AIP Public Lecture
Time: Aug 15, 2023 06:30 PM Hobart
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