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Bronze Bragg awards and an attosecond lecture

3 Apr 2024 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Top scoring year 12 physics students from 2023 Allegra Kleinig and Rianna Herring were awarded Bronze Bragg medals at the AIP SA Branch’s annual Bronze Bragg Presentation and Lecture.

Congratulations to both of the students, for their hard work and well-deserved achievements.

The Bronze Bragg medals go to the top scoring year 12 physics students from 2023.

(From left to right: Allegra Kleinig, Prof Robert Sang, Rianna Herring, Dr Stephen Warren-Smith.)

Prof Robert Sang gave a lecture on attosecond science: the dynamics of lasers and atoms at one billion-billionth of a second.

Prof Sang investigates the dynamics of electrons in atoms and molecules and ultra-short laser pulses at this timescale to test fundamental quantum theories and develop new x-ray sources.

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