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Get ready: AIP award nominations coming earlier in 2023

31 Jan 2023 4:28 PM | Anonymous

Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence In 2023, the AIP’s award nomination due dates are moving earlier in the year.

We encourage everyone who is considering nominating themselves or others for an award, to start thinking and preparing now for their applications. The due dates and awards available for 2023 are:

See the AIP website for nomination details for each medal.

For the TH Laby and Bragg Gold medals, we encourage you to get in touch with your local branch, as the award is submitted to local branches first. The branches may have specific details for submission. You can find the contacts for each branch on the AIP website. 

The only award nomination date not changing is the Women in Physics Lecture Tour for 2024, which is due 1 June.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the awards or application process. Just email the Awards Officer at

CN Yang Awards

The CN Yang Award is an international award that the AIP Groups are eligible to nominate a candidate for. 

The Award has been established to honour young researchers with prominent research achievements and to promote the development of leaders in physics in the Asia Pacific region. 

The award does not have a closing date on its website for 2023 yet, however, we have been advised the closing date will be a little later in the year this year. The AIP encourages each group to determine, earlier rather than later, if a suitable candidate is available for nomination. 

As this award is not administered by the AIP, the submissions will not be sent directly AIP’s Awards Officer. You can find out more about the award from the main website, and the AIP’s website

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