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AIP pivots to ethical banking

1 Aug 2022 12:00 PM | Anonymous

We are proud to inform our members that the AIP is in the final stages of moving our business to the Bank Australia. This is part of the AIP’s commitment to fight climate change and to contribute to a fairer world.

We are convinced that many of our members are actively engaged in making our country more sustainable.

There are many things one can do to reduce carbon emissions, including not supporting banks that using your savings to invest in fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that most Australians are unaware that they are supporting such banks.

We believe the solution is to support “ethical banking”, i.e., supporting banks that guarantee that they will not invest into fossil fuels among other things.

That is the reason why the AIP National Executive has taken action and we are now moving our business to the Bank Australia.

We hope we can inspire some of our members to consider this aspect of climate action.

We would like to thank the member that raised this issue with us and our Honorary Treasurer Judith Pollard and her team for the considerable work in making this move happen.

See a list of ethical banks here and read more on the issue here.

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