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What a month!

With regard to the preprint fiasco, where a drastic new rule was implemented with no consultation and little warning, it is positive the ARC has now consulted with the sector, including the AIP. This led to an update of the rule in question, so it now meets modern standards (see the ARC response to the AIP).

However, it is disappointing that more than 30 Future and DECRA applicants are still in limbo and need to go through an appeals process.

There will be more affected applications if the rule is applied to the (now closed) Discovery Round, as announced. While I understand the need for a formal appeals process, I hope it will be quick and lead to a fair solution.

The fact that, in the schemes announced to date, only applications in the Field of Research Code 02, the physical sciences, were affected is worrisome and the AIP requests full disclosure of the process that led to this outcome. We will communicate this to the ARC in an open letter, in consultation with other professional bodies.

It was great to see the professional bodies in the physics, astronomy, chemistry, and mathematical sciences come together, and we will jointly continue to keep pressure on the ARC in this context.

Other news like the nuclear submarine deal underlines the need for a physics-literate workforce. The AIP pointed this out to the government.

It is also exciting that AIP representative Brett Carter appeared before the Parliamentary Inquiry into growing Australia’s space industry. The AIP’s submission recommended that the Federal Government develop a long-term strategy to support the foundational Solar-Terrestrial and Space Physics research activities in universities that make commercial, civil, and government space activities not only possible, but profitable and sustainable.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I wish you all the best for the remaining weeks of lockdown. 

Stay safe,

Sven Rogge
President, Australian Institute of Physics


New nuclear subs need fundamental physics

The AIP strongly urges the government to consider Australia's capabilities in fundamental physics training as part of the change in direction with the investment in nuclear-powered submarines.

These new subs will require a highly skilled, physics-educated STEM workforce.

See our response here.


Physicist Lidia Morawska, one of TIME’s ‘Influential People’

TIME magazine has named Professor Lidia Morawska as one of their 100 Most Influential People of 2021 for her work in recognizing the importance of aerosol transmission and marshalling the data that would convince the World Health Organization and other authoritative bodies to do the same.

Lidia is a Distinguished Professor at QUT. She was also the 2002 AIP Women in Physics lecturer.

Read more here.


AIP Summer Meeting goes hybrid

The AIP Summer Meeting will run as a hybrid conference from 6–9 December and will have both in-person attendance in Brisbane and an online attendance option for those who cannot travel to Queensland.

Plenary speakers include Michael Fuhrer, Lidia Morawska and Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop.

The full program and registration details are here.


The death of massive stars & physics labs then and now: Australian Physics

The latest issue of Australian Physics includes.

  • How online technologies might transform the future of physics lab work by Les Kirkup.
  • The power and importance of science communication by Shane Huntington.
  • The discovery of Apep, a new WR star system that breaks the rules by Joe Callingham.

All members have been emailed their copy. Or you can find it on the website under Current Magazines.


More news

  • AIP representative, Brett Carter, appeared before the Parliamentary Inquiry into growing Australia’s space industry. The submission is here.
  • TMOS offering sponsorships for rural students to attend AIP’s Summer Meeting
  • Engineer and yoga teacher, Parikshiti conducts lectures about the connections between the ancient Yog philosophy and research-based modern sciences #PhysicsGotMeHere

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      Australian physics in the news

      • Unveiling galaxies at cosmic dawn that were hiding behind the dust (ICRAR)
      • Australia installs first space laser optical ground station in southern hemisphere (ABC News)
      • New gravitational wave detector picks up possible signal from the beginning of time (Live Science)
      • Diamonds are a computer’s best friend when it comes to world-first project (Riotact)
      • ANU researchers develop atomically-thin semiconductor with 'no energy waste' (ZD Net)


      Jobs corner

      Senior Systems Engineer – Urgent

      Sigray has an immediate opening for a Systems Engineer to join their team in developing the next generation of laboratory X-ray systems.

      Sigray is a rapidly growing start-up based in Concord CA, USA, that manufactures X-ray sources, optics, and systems. The X-ray systems include X-ray spectroscopy, microfluorescence, and nano- and micro- computed tomography as well as several unreleased instruments under active development.

      More details here.

      Early-Career Researchers Opportunities

      Multiple postdoctoral opportunities are available for eligible, outstanding early-career researchers in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

      A rare opportunity to nominate your research project, choose your supervisor and the location of work.

      The ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) is seeking to appoint up to four Research Fellows to perform research at relevant FLEET node/s as determined by the candidates’ expertise and research aspirations.

      To apply, visit:

      Applications close 26 Nov 2021

      Multiple PhD scholarship opportunities

      Multiple PhD scholarship opportunities are available for eligible, outstanding students in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

      If you are finishing your undergraduate training and thinking of pursuing a PhD program, apply for a project with FLEET to perform high impact research, build the future of electronics and train to be a future science leader.

      Submit your Expression of Interest at:  

      Applications always open

      There are 305 physics-related jobs currently listed on Seek including Quantum Diamond Surface Scientist, Senior Electron Microscopist, and Research Fellow.

      See online here.

      PhD opportunities in quantum nanoscience & precision measurement at the Queensland Quantum Optics Lab. More details here:

      We can provide a free link to your physics-related job or PhD opportunity. If you would like to advertise your job, we can feature more details and a picture for a small cost. Email Kirrily Rule for more information.


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