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Celebrating one hundred years of quantum science and technology
Inspiring the next generation to continue this journey of discovery and innovation

Got a question or an idea for an event? Want to be informed of events during the Quantum Year? Join us here:

The United Nations has declared 2025 to be the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology. Join the AIP in celebrating a hundred years of this fascinating science and the innovations in technology it brought to the world.

The AIP's objectives in celebrating the year:
  • EducationReveal and explain the wonders of quantum science and its impacts on our lives today and into the future.

  • InspirationIgnite the nation's curiosity about the beauty and promise of the quantum world and inspire people of all backgrounds to pursue careers in science and technology.

  • CelebrationCelebrate worldwide achievements in quantum science and technology, spotlighting Australia’s pioneering leadership in this endeavour.

Closer to 2025, we will publicise Australian events for the Quantum Year on this webpage. Stay tuned!

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