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AIP Annual Physics in Industry Days

What are the Physics in Industry Days?

The annual Physics in Industry Days has been an initiative to bring together researchers, industry, service providers, decision makers, educators and the general public to connect and learn around a chosen topic - either an industry sector or an area of science with significant industrial or national impact in the future. It is intended to be an informal gathering with interesting and informative speakers pitched at a level to engage with an informed general audience. Hosted at CSIRO at Lindfield, the program for the day builds in time to network as well as engage in a site tour to experience first-hand some of the research and development conducted on site by CSIRO, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) or on of the high-tech companies co-located at the Lindfield Collaboration Hub (LCH) .

2022 Physics in Industry Day:

Attaining industrial Quantum (iQ) Click HERE for full information

The Australian Institute of Physics partners with the CSIRO in an annual "Physics in Industry Day" to explore and promote the role of physics in industry and the community.

In 2022, our topic will explore how Australia can exploit the potential of Quantum Technology to establish a national industry - including manufacturing of quantum devices.

What are the discussion topics?

Session 1: Quantum 101 - acknowledging that many people with a stake in the quantum industry are not physicists, we will provide a primer in quantum fundamentals - and a chance to ask questions

Session 2: Quantum industry infrastructure - invited speakers will provide their take on the types of specialised facilities needed to establish a vibrant quantum device manufacturing sector.

Session 3: Diverse from Day 1 - a panel exploring the imperative to create a new industry with diversity and equity at its core.



8:30-9:00 Registration - Arrival, registration, refreshments

9:00 Welcome & Keynote

9:40 Quantum for non-physicists

Associate Professor Chris Ferrie (UTS) - quantum physicist, renowned author and science educator will describe the fundamentals of quantum physics in ways that can be understood by non-physicists. Building a quantum industry requires many diverse skills and experience - many of whom may feel unsure about what quantum actually is (many quantum physicists also feel this way, incidentally!). This session will help a general audience achieve a better understanding of what is so special and weird about quantum physics

11:00 Building a Quantum Industry

Our second session of the day will consider the challenges and opportunities to achieve the workforce and revenue forecasts in the recently updated 2020 CSIRO report Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry. Aspects such as infrastructure, partnership, capital and ecosystem development will be covered by a range of speakers from industry and research - to begin to identify steps we need to take to establish a vibrant quantum industry in Australia

12:30 Lunch

The lunch break will provide time for attendees to participate in one of a range of Lindfield site facility tours

14:00 Quantum Workforce - Diverse from Day 1

The prospect of a new industry brings with it the opportunity to design a workforce with diversity and inclusion at its core. Our discussion will bring together founders of Quantum Women, the Sydney Quantum Academy, early career researchers and CSIRO

15:30 Conclude & afternoon tea

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Download flyers from previous events:


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Contact Details

The Industry Days are organised by Scott Martin - happy to consider recommendations for future topics or explore participation as a speaker, panellist, sponsor or exhbitor. 

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