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Women in Physics Lecture Tour 

Women in Physics Lecture Tour promotes women in physics by having a woman of research excellence give lectures to high schools and universities around Australia.

zOOm into Physics

zOOm into Physics is a monthly lightly moderated Zoom conversation with our resident panel and special guests. Click on the picture for more information about this monthly online event. 

CMM Meetings


Annually held condensed matter and materials meeting. 2021 "Wagga" has been prosponed. The 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting will now be held from Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th, February 2022 at its familiar Wagga Wagga, Charles Sturt University site (“Wagga” 2022).

It will be chaired jointly by Michael Cortie (University of Technology Sydney) and Chris Ling (University of Sydney).

Let’s compensate for the lost year by making “Wagga” 2022 the biggest meeting ever!

For updates check back to our CMM group pageFor conference proceedings of past CMM meetings see here.

AIP WA Student Conference

The AIP WA Student Conference brings together young researchers from around WA and gives them the opportunity to present their projects in physics and physics-related disciplines.

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