Women in Physics (WIP)

Our vision is to enhance Australia's capacity in physics by supporting the increased engagement of women in physics.

The mission of the Women in Physics (WIP) group is to support women in physics, to advocate on their behalf, and to work towards removing impediments to their career advancement through cultural change within the discipline and via the advancement of policies.

SUPPORT: WIP members act as a point of contact and as a confidential source of advice and mentoring for female physicists who have questions or concerns about career paths, about work/life balance, and about inequitable, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations that occur while studying or working.

ADVOCATE: WIP makes representations on behalf of female physicists to academia, industry, and government, and works with these bodies to develop and identify opportunities for women in physics.

CHANGE: WIP proactively identifies cultural issues that discriminate against women in the physics workplace. WIP instigates programmes which educate the physics community about gender equity issues, and which attempt to remove barriers to career advancement, and which aim to eliminate structural impediments that may restrict the ability of women to fully contribute to and/or engage in physics.

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